From the real Dave Greene:

Part 1, Tsichu, Keele, Mackenzie has officially ended. We paddled right out of the mountains from 4400 feet in the land of Caribou and Grizzly Bear to the mighty Mackenzie River, 440km in 20 days.

Part 2 starts today, the real adventure. Over the next 10 days we will be poling, tracking and lining, 2 canoes up the Great Bear River for 113km and to make it ecen more difficult we will be doing it with only 3 people as 1 of us needs to see a dentist and will reconnect ASAP. Over the next 35days we will be covering 960km, up river, across the worlds 4th biggest lake and finally the Idaa trail a traditional portage route connecting Great Bear and Great Slave lakes. “May the wind be at our backs, the sun in our face and no man sleep with our wives while we are out in the country.”