T: 16 Celsius  D: 43 km A: 1 Moose, 1 Grizzly, 1 Osprey

“A moose a bear a trout, Dolly varden for dinner, Thank the river gods”

We are back online following Dave’s #YukontoYellowknife adventure. The crew are well underway on the Keele River

The Keele /Begadee River is a traditional travel corridor for the first nations people Sahtu Dene.  The traditional name was “The meat drying river” representing the rich animal resources of the region. White European trappers and prospectors knew it as the Gravel River for it’s braided channel nature. Joseph Keele of The Geological Survey of Canada was the first documented surveyor of the watershed in 1907-8 with 2 colleagues.

We will be paddling 380+km down the Keele river to its confluence with the mighty Mackenzie.  We will be taking some time to hike in the mountains, fish and enjoy the landscape before the true grind begins.