Moosehead Lake Traverse:  Expedition Update #5

Burnt Jacket Penninsula, small cove SW side

Temperature H/L: -5°C/24°F

  Weather – Clear skies, wind, cloud, flurries, blowing snow, ground blizzard, clear, Stars!

Distance – 7.5km/4.5miles in 8 hours!

Animals – 3 Ravens

B:  Granola, blueberries, Bacon, Coffee

L: PB&J&Butter, Soup Noodle, Trail Mix, Chocolate, Salami & Cheese, Lasagne, Coffee

D: Beef Stew, Italian beef with Veg., Soup Noodle, Lasagne water, Chocolate


Long hard day today

Water boiling on the woodstove

Dan snores real loudly

Kyro and Osa’s Observations

I’m not too sure about this whole camping thing. I mean I find it strange that these humans feel the need to pack up all of their things into those silly orange sleds and drag us all around this lake when I could be back home lounging on the couch. I mean don’t get me wrong, being a noble Alaskan Malamute as I am these snowy conditions don’t do me any harm. I sleep outside every night anyways. I can’t say the same for Osa, she is a bit of a mutt and had a really hard time last night and today. So, we had a little heart to heart in dog talk and we agreed it to be okay if she slept inside the tent tonight with her human. She has been great though, I have learned a lot from her.

Our progress we really slow today. The snow is getting harder packed from the wind but it is not strong enough for us to stand on yet which makes a significant amount of work for us to break trail. We spend most of the day following behind those crazy humans. The other thing that made today really hard was the wind. As northern bred dogs we have a really thick undercoat but when the wind blows from behind the snow can be drivin’ through our guard hairs and right into our skin. So, instead of letting this happen we would prefer to face the wind. The problem with this is our heads are so close to the ground, we can’t see anything and the snow is blowin into our eyes. You just can’t win sometimes. Anyways my boy is going to mark our territory, I should go help me.


Boy, today was a long day but we made it to this really nice camping spot. I love camping, I just don’t understand why these humans need so much stuff. I am ready to go all the time! Kyro seems to be getting the hang of this business. I know he has had a pretty ruff year and it has been great to see him out here enjoying all of these things. It has been dramatic, and beautiful and terrifying and cold and amazing. I really love being out here with my boy. And am I ever happy they took pitty on me and let me in the tent tonight. I didn’t sleep very well last night. Maybe the boy will even let me crawl into his sleeping bag!?! Anyways I’ve got dreams about bacon to be had. Bye.



3 Responses to “Moosehead Lake Traverse: Expedition Update #5”

  1. jwcolton

    Hi Dave,

    I love your posts. Sounds like you are having an incredible adventure with a great friend.

    Say hi to Dan please.

    Take Care,


  2. Grandmom Lynn

    So enjoyed the animals log, pretty smart they are for animals~ understanding humans tracking & pull thru soft snow is tough~~they need so much to survive.

  3. jwcolton

    Great to see Osa and Kyra are having such a good time. Must be hard going for them in the deep snow. Keep up the great effort. I envy you all in your adventure.


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