Moosehead Lake Traverse:  Expedition Update #3

Temperature H: 0°C/32°F   L: 0°C/32°F

  Weather – White out, Heavy Snow

Distance – 5km/3.5miles

Animals – 2 domesticated dogs (ours), we didn’t see anything today!  All smart animals were hiding.

B:  Breakfast Skillet (eggs, sausage, onion), Bacon, Coffee

L: PB&J&Butter, Soup Noodle, Trail Mix, Chocolate, Salami & Cheese, Coffee

D: 2 boxes of Kraft Dinner and a dozen hot dogs, Chocolate


Everything is wet

All is white in a white out

KD for dinner!

This morning we did not set an alarm to wake up.  We decided to sleep in as long as we could and see what the weather would do. When it snows on a canvas tent you can usually hit the sidewalls and the snow will shake off of it. This morning however when we tried to do that there was no room for it to fall. When we opened the front door to go out for a pee the whole world was buried in snow. A fresh 45cm or 18 inches had fallen over night, burying everything. The sleds, shovels, snowshoes, skis and even the dogs where under a blanket of fresh snow.

Osa has traditionally slept in the tent with us but given the size of Kyro and there being a second dog we decided it only fair for both dogs to sleep out. The temperature was still mild and she did not have a problem with this. Although with the woodstove out, the temperature in the ten is the same as the outside.

We decided it best to break camp and travel as far as we could because it was still snowing and we had kilometres./miles to travel regardless. By the time we got back on the trail at 10:30 we were thoroughly wet. With the temperature hovering at zero, all the snow that we came in contact with melted. Snow was falling from the trees and was covering everything.

We decided to base our travel on visibility not wanting to make any major bay crossings without being able to have a visual of the other side. The skiing was really difficult. Breaking trail in 45cm of fresh snow was an exercise in of self-control to not sweat. Getting wet from melting snow is one thing but to get wet from your own sweat can be very dangerous in a winter wilderness environment. Potentially causing someone to get dangerous cold.

We did not travel very far today, only 5km/3miles but it took us over 5 hours. But those are 5km we don’t have to ski tomorrow. We really wanted to cross over to the other side of Spencer Bay but decided it best if we didn’t. We know there is open water somewhere between us and the other shore and without being able to see the other shore, we decided it best to not chance it. Hopefully tomorrow the visibility is better and we can make the crossing to Sugar Island tomorrow about 7km/5miles away.

We are both pretty darn tired and sore. Sleep will come easily tonight!

Dave, Dan, Kyro and Osa