Moosehead Lake Traverse:  Expedition Update #2

Temperature H: 0°C/32°F   L: -5°C/28°F

  Weather – Overcast, Calm, Windy, Snow, Nor’Easter

Distance – 13km/7.5miles

Animals – 1 Red Squirrel, Chickadees

B:  Hashbrowns, Bacon (Thanks Kelly!), Oatmeal, Maple Syrup, Coffee,

L: PB&J&Butter, Soup Noodle, Trail Mix, Chocolate, Coffee

D: Noodle with Chicken, White sauce and Chili Mac with Beef, Chocolate


This is a big lake

Nor’Easter is blowing in

How much snow will fall?

Dan was the first one up this morning, he lit the fire in the stove at about 530am.  The morning chores often take quite awhile to get through. They mostly require melting a lot of snow for water for various things we need.  We need water to drink (4.5 litres every day), coffee (1 litre), soup noodle (1 Litre), water for the dogs (2 litres) and some for our oatmeal.  Once all the water is made, we get dressed for the day, go to the bathroom, pack up all of our belongings into various bags, take down the tent, pack the sleds and sort out the dogs.  Today this took us 3 hours, we were back on ‘the trail’ 830.

We had really great conditions for the first 7km (4miles) of the day skiing up to Mt. Kineo.  Mt. Kineo is a real focal point for Moosehead Lake and dominates the landscape.  It is located right in the middle of the lake and can be seen from almost location around the lake.  On it’s eastern side, sheer rock cliffs drop almost 900 feet to the lake surface where they continue to drop another 200 feet underwater!

We had originally planned on camping in a small cove just south of Mt. Kineo but with the fair conditions and the coming storm we decided to push on to another spot we thought would be better protected.  When we rounded the point we could see 5km (3miles) across a bay to the next point.  We decided to go for it.  We made pretty good time skiing across the lake, stopping once for water and a snack.  About ten minutes after starting again we noticed bands of snow moving towards us east to west.  The storm rolled in very quickly and by the time we gained our shore the conditions were a total whiteout.  We had very good timing.

We found a spot that would be really well protected from north, east and south gusting winds and set up the tent and stove accordingly to best prevent downdrafts from coming through the stove pipes.  By the time we jumped in the tent for the night the Nor’Easter had settled in.  We shall see how much snow we get…