Moosehead Lake Traverse:  Expedition Update #1

Temperature H: -3°C/27°F   L: -8°C/24°F  plus wind    Weather – Cloudy, Sunny, Warm!    

Distance – 14km/8.5miles

Animals – Deer, 1 Eagle, Fox/Coyote tracks, 1 small plane


On the trail again

The good old north woods of Maine

Cedar smells so good

It was a long drive coming down here to Maine after all the packing, organizing and sorting out last minute details.  Before starting the 2 hour shuttle up to Northeast Carry, our starting point, we stopped in at the Game Wardens office to talk about the latest ice conditions after that we were on our way.  Northeast carry is a traditional portage route into the Penobscot river and has been travelled for millennia.  It is an honour to start our trip here.  

After all the driving and shuttles we managed to get 2 dogs, 2 humans and 2 sleds full of equipment to the start.  90% of the work completed and by far the most dangerous part behind us.  All we have to do now is ski to the bottom of the lake! 

Finally out on the lake, we had spectacular weather, it was clear, calm and really hot in the sun!  We both got burnt! The going was really good, so we made the most of the sunshine and travelled until 5pm.  Knowing a big Nor’Easter is blowing in only motivated us more to cover some miles.  As the old saying goes, when the going is good, the good get going.

It took us nearly 3 hours to set up camp tonight and dinner wasn’t eaten until nearly 8:30.  It has been a long day full of driving, skiing and setting up camp.  We are going to sleep really well tonight.

Dave, Dan, Kyro and Osa


3 Responses to “MooseHead Lake Traverse: Expedition Update #”

  1. Natalie Bresnahan

    Grade 4 _ Bresnahan

    Flowers are blooming
    Spring is so cool spring is fun
    I love Spring so much
    By: C ( grade 4)

  2. Natalie Bresnahan

    Grade 4- Bresnahan
    Rain falls all year long
    Lakes get higher when it rains
    Grass grows when it rains


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