Greetings to everyone, near and far!  As of last night we finally arrived at our little home in Nova Scotia, 8 days after we walked into Kegaska and eventually found ourselves on “the outside”.  We took the long way home (through Maine!) for festivities and celebrations for Adrien’s Mum’s 60th birthday.  It was wonderful to visit with family and friends and as the days went by the distance between ourselves and the Lower North Shore seemed to grow in more than just kilometres.  It is certainly surreal to be back home, with our gear packed away and no visible sign that we ever went anywhere.

Except…for one very obvious giveaway: a fourth member of the Greener Adventures team that wasn’t with us when we started our expedition 36 days ago.  May we present to you:  Frank!


Frank greeted us as we approached the community of La Romaine, 6 days from finishing our trip.  He merrily tagged along as we walked through town, purchased a few items at the Northern Store and went to the Post Office for our box of food.  We didn’t think much of it, guessing he would tire of us once the novelty of our travelling circus wore off.  It’s not every day two humans and a dog walk into town, after all.

As we made our way out of town, Frank was still with us.  As we set up camp, 3km from town, Frank was still with us.  He was scrawny, HUNGRY, dirty (earning himself the name Frank from the Pearl Jam song “Dirty Frank”) and certainly still a puppy of sorts.  We thought he would leave.  He didn’t.  As if in another example of how this trip was all about Osa, she decided to make him her best friend and invite him along on the adventure.  We had extra dog food and he fit in like an old shoe.

Today we head to the vet for some vaccinations and to figure out how old he might be.  Then we will begin the process of finding Frank a permanent home.  We will happily foster Frank until the right family comes along for him and he has already gained weight and is training well!  So far he has proven to be excellent with people and children and most other dogs.  Beyond that, he absolutely loves adventure and is happiest when camping!  But then again, aren’t we all?  Stay tuned as the story of Frank unfolds and be sure to reach out if you may know of a happy home for him.  More photos to come soon!