Temperature H: -7°C   L: -18°C       Weather – Sunny and bright, no wind at all!    Distance – 11km by foot, 210 km by truck

Animals – Several Crows, lots of Fox and Rabbit tracks

Where are we?


Back where we started.      It’s always bittersweet.  

The End! Or, the start?

In one very wild, month-long blur we are suddenly back in Havre St. Pierre, in the little hotel we stayed at the night before our expedition started.  We are even in the same room, with the same interesting hotel art above the bed.  It almost feels like we never went anywhere, never explored one of the most stunning landscapes we’ve ever seen or met countless kind and generous people.  On one hand, it is a perfect bookend to our trip.  On the other, we are left scratching our heads, wondering what to fill our time with after weeks of constant moving and effort.

We had a fantastic welcome into the school in Kegaska, complete with balloons and a sign!  After a presentation we were given a lift to the airport 44kms away where our vehicle had patiently been awaiting our return. With some stroke of luck our truck started right up and we had nothing left to do but say thank you to the airport staff and drive away. So here we are! Digesting all we have seen and learned.  Thank you for all the support, kind words and encouragement along the way.  In the next few days, we will post photos of the last section of our journey for you to enjoy! And now, for a well-deserved shower to help in reentry to life beyond trip.  Wahoo! We made it!!