Temperature H: -3°C   L: -23°C       Weather – Calm and sunny, super cold this morning but warmed up quickly. Clouded over and awaiting snow.     Distance – 3 dawdling, exploratory kms

Animals – Fox and Rabbit tracks galore.

Where are we?


Today was just grand!        The sleds were left parked at home.        Mountain, brook and sea.

Let me tell you, I am the luckiest dog in the world! Adrien invited me into her sleeping bag last night and we had the best sleep ever! Then this morning the most incredible thing happened. Dave got up first and started the fire, warmed up the tent, melted snow for water, cooked breakfast and a bunch of other things I don’t really understand, these humans are so unprepared for the cold, they have to wear so much more clothing then i do. Anyways, right about the time I though we would start taking down the tent and packing up our stuff, Dave came over to me, scratched me in my forehead and gave me the frying pan filled with bacon grease!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was so filled with joy, I love that boy SO much, today I will help him pull his sled up all of the hills, no complaining and then maybe tomorrow he will give me more bacon!

I love bacon,
Love Osa