Temperature H: -6°C   L: -24°C       Weather – Sunny, calm and gorgeous!      Distance – 13km   Only 18km to go

Animals – 1 Red Fox, 1 Grouse, 1 unidentified Woodpecker, lots and lots of rabbit, squirrel, fox, mouse and ptarmigan tracks

Where are we?


A day to explore.        Anything can happen still….      what a crazy life!



We can’t believe that we are this close to the end of our expedition! The time has flown and we are very pleased with our daily progress and are feeling healthy and strong. We have managed to accumulate enough extra kilometers each day that we have earned ourselves an exploratory day tomorrow! For the first time this trip, all the work we put into setting up our camp will carry over into a day where the tent won’t move! We will go snowshoeing up into the hills, take photos and enjoy poking around this beautiful landscape without our sleds to slow us down. It will be nice to have some quiet time for self reflection before this crazy whirlwind of a trip ends. We also plan on putting a serious dent in the extra food we have been lugging around this whole time! Ya food! We can’t wait to post a pile of photos from our last week on the Lower North Shore. Thanks for following and for all your kind notes of encouragement and jokes. We have loved every one of them.