Temperature H: -6°C   L: -20°C       Weather – Sunny, clear, perfect      Distance – 14km   Only 42km to go

Animals – Ptarmigan tracks, lots of Fox signs. Over all wildlife has increased as we have travelled west

Where are we?

Haiku #1

Steve, go Steve go       It is our web guys birthday        His name is Steve

Haiku #2

A great day to walk        Onwards and upwards we go        Advil for dessert.


Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch, scrunch, scrunch, scrunch, scrunch……

That’s our soundtrack. All day, every day we are accompanied by the sounds of our footsteps in a crunchy winter landscape. It seems mindless and boring as hell, and at times it can be. On the other hand, life on trip is made of every little intense moment of present awareness strung together by each passing breath. Our minds wander, but they always come back to; this foot, that foot, this foot, that foot, just keep going, just keep going. It’s like a multi-day moving meditation and it sure is interesting sometimes. An example of one minute in Adrien’s mind might go something like:
Left foot, right foot, left foot, OOH! An eagle! I wonder if the Eagles behind our house will nest this year, I hope they do. Right foot, left foot, right foot, hmmm black spruce, picea….picea….picea….what is the species?? Picea something, I’ll have to look it up at the next town. I’ll have to remember to look it up. I’m hungry. No I’m not, I just ate something. Pretty sure I’m hungry. Pretty sure I probably just want a break….nope, not allowed sister. Just keep moving. This foot, that foot, this foot, that foot. I wonder what’s for dinner?

See how time passes?