Temperature H: -10°C   L: -22°C       Weather – Cold, clear, clouds moving in, fluffy snow this eve.       Distance – 15km   Only 56km to go

Animals – 1 Grey Fox, countless free range Dogs & Crows

Where are we?


Our final section        All the way to Kegaska          Burning juniper.     


Dave and Adrien’s Dilemma

Baby, its cold outside!

Winter is in full force and boy, it is a lot colder up here then it was back in Nova Scotia. We need help figuring out how to adjust our clothing in this cold weather. We have lots of winter gear, but there must be a certain way to dress that will keep us the most comfortable. Help us decide how to layer our clothing, and suggest what order we should dress in the morning! Brrrrr!

Here is what we have:

Down jackets Wool socks Canvas mukluks (boots)
Long underwear Toque Small gloves
Wool t-shirt Wool Sweater Scarf
Large thick mittens Goggles Canvas Anorak (wind coat)

Remember to share your ideas with us in the comments below!