Temperature H: -4°C   L: -13°C       Weather – Clear, beautiful, cold and breezy   Distance – 8km

Animals – 1 Boreal Chickadee, 1 Red Squirrel, lots of Fox and Rabbit tracks

Where are we?


La Romaine is close,       but isn’t quite close enough.        Sleeping by the sea.     

Today was a strange day. We thought it would be a great idea to switch all roles that the two of us have happily settled into for the last 20 days. We left camp an hour later than normal and setting up took twice as long, no joke! To top it all off, we were told on the trail when questioned where we would camp tonight that there were no trees for the last 10 km to La Romaine. With our late start and hilly terrain, there was no way we could make 19km to town. So we stopped for the day where the trees ended, only 8 km from where we started. It was a hard decision and we may kick ourselves tomorrow, but what were we to do? Get up and try again in the morning.

There’s a high likelihood that the only reason this expedition is a success is because of Osa. She has managed to take everything in stride, make friends everywhere she goes and warm the hearts of all who meet her. The defining moment that made us realize we are on Osa`s trip and not she on ours was when we asked for directions to someone`s home at a small bar and the kitchen staff seeing Osa outside in the wet falling snow immediately offered her a burger patty. Never mind the two soaking wet, tired humans.

Dogs are pure of heart, honest and way less complicated than people. She makes us laugh, keeps us company and is the star of all our school visits. Most of the emails and questions we get on our DeLorme communicator at night are about Osa and how she is liking the trip. And let`s be serious, she is way cuter than either of her human teammates! She captured our hearts when she first came into our life 4 years ago today, and we are so grateful to have her goofy fun-loving spirit in this beautiful place. Happy 4th birthday Osa!! Extra beef tallow for you on your food tonight, you deserve it..