Temperature H: -3°C   L: -20°C  plus wind    Weather – Strong west (head) wind, sunny, cold, warm, everything    Distance – 15km

Animals – Grey Jays

Where are we?


When six feels like nine,        Days get real long real quick       Smokey stove this eve.     


So far, we have seen every temperature from +10 to -30 on this trip. While planning this expedition many of our friends and family asked how we would handle the cold. It is certainly something to take seriously, but interestingly enough it`s not all that difficult as long as the right gear is on hand.

The other morning, when we departed Baie des Moutons (Mutton Bay) it was a balmy -28 degrees with the wind chill. We were happy and warm sporting our heavy weight long johns, snow pants, thin down jackets, balaclavas, goggles and anoraks. The unfortunate part of bays is that to get off them, you typically have to walk up a hill, the steeper, the better. The hill to leave Mutton Bay might win the “steepest hill“ contest…requiring two humans and one dog to pull one sled up to the top. But not to worry! If it`s -28, we couldn`t possibly get hot…or so we thought. Very quickly, even though completely exposed to the Atlantic Ocean and no trees in sight, we were on the verge of being two big sweaty messes, a cardinal sin in winter travelling. Off went the anoraks, off went the down jackets, snow pants were maximally unzipped and the rest of the day was spent in long johns, balaclavas and goggles. Granted, standing still wasn`t much of an option without layering back up.

We are completely amazed and impressed with the ability of our bodies to function so efficiently and happily in temperatures that seem far from inviting. As long as we eat, drink and rest appropriately, all is wonderful in our wintry world!