Temperature H: -8°C   L: -20°C  plus wind    Weather – Sunny, clear, cold.     Distance – 13km     204 complete and 126 to go   

Animals – 1 black fox, 1 red squirrel

Where are we?

Haiku #1

Farts smell like fish        I smell like a hockey bag        Baby wipes for me.     

Haiku #2

Hill climb in the bay       Northern lights tonight        And the lake goes boom. 

We love music. Really, it’s one of our favourite things in life! We have instruments hanging on our wall rather than a television and discover artists, genres and all the whacky things out there in the world of music. We also love stepping away from our music and the instant accessibility the Internet offers in listening to new tracks. It’s sort of like the old cliche “absence makes the heart grow fonder” applies quite beautifully for us and our music collection. For this very reason, we don’t travel with iPods or MP3 players of any kind. It would be so easy to plug into some groovy uplifting tunes when the sleds feel extra heavy, or listen to podcast after podcast about all the endless things there are to learn. But, that’s how you miss the song of an unseen bird, the sound of the wind whipping past your parka hood while you’re warm and snug inside and all the other little miracles that are constantly happening whether you’re paying attention, or not. We will always have music, but we will only have one opportunity for this expedition at this exact moment in our lives…and we surely don’t want to miss a thing! Plus, it’s way more fun to annoy the pants off your tripping partner by sharing the worst, out of tune rendition of any terrible pop song that magically pops into your head. Especially when you don’t know the words, make up your own instead and know that your hapless victim can’t erase your efforts by listening to something better. Rock on!