Temperature H: -11°C   L: -20°C      Weather – Calm, cold, nippy north breeze, cloudy.     Distance – 18.3km    

Animals – 1 unidentified woodpecker

Where are we?


Big Coconipi,        its surface like a mirror,        we whistled along.     


Osa’s Observation

This place we are walking through is filled with so many new scents and smells. Yesterday I had the time of my life chasing rabbits through the trees. I have never actually caught one, they are just too fast. These rabbits here are much larger then the ones back home and they are all white, they blend into the snow very well. There have been other new smells as well. One smell was kinda like my own but stronger. I think Dave and Adrien call these animals wolves. I’ve been told not to make friends with them, best I listen to Dave and Adrien, they seem to know best. Like that time I found the little creature with quills instead of fur. They told me to not play with it, I didn’t listen but I should have. Dave and Adrien are really smart when it comes to these things. Anyways I’d better go and help Dave mark our territory.

Good night, love Osa the dog