Temperature H: -13°C   L: -19°C   + 50-70km/h gusts     Weather – Sunny breaks, windy, really windy, cold, sunny, cold      Distance – 16km – 172km complete 154km to go.    

Animals – Too cold for animals

Where are we?


Ferocious headwind        Happy to be in our tent        Sleep will come easy       


Sometimes I get majorly confused. What I mean is, all around us is this stuff Dave and Adrien call snow. Now this stuff called snow comes in many different forms. Sometimes it falls from the sky, other times the wind moves it around in what is called a ground blizzard (these days are really hard because it’s hard to see where we are going), other times I find it compacted into something harder called ice. We find ice on all of the lakes, streams and river we walk over so what do I do? I eat the stuff, unlike Dave and Adrien my body is much better at using snow/ice to stay hydrated. The thing that confuses me is that sometimes the snow/ice is really really salty, kinda like the time your owner forgot to secure the cap on the salt shaker when making soup. It makes my face pucker, and makes me feel sick. Back home I don’t have to deal with this because our ocean tides are So big the water never really turns to ice. But here I’m just never quite sure if the mouthful of snow I’m going to eat is going to be delicious or like drinking the ocean.
Anyways gotta go, smell bacon.
Love Osa