Temperature H: 0°C   L: -22°C       Weather – Clear, cold, wind, snow, freezing rain    Distance – 17km    

Animals – 16 grey jays, red squirrel

Where are we?

Haiku #1

The wind is our foe       And then it is our best friend        A blessing and a curse

Haiku #2

Cabin in the woods        Wait out the nor’easter here        Thanks so much Helen


Dave and Adrien’s Dilemma
Broken Equipment

​OH NO! We have had a major piece of our gear break on us. One of our sleds has worn a hole right through the bottom of it. The ice can be rough sometimes and rocks are not impossible to hit, but we still cannot believe this has happened. We still have 35km to travel before we reach the next community, where a major repair can happen, that’s a 2 day walk from here. The hole is about 5 cm long and 1 cm wide.

But have no fear, we brought a repair kit filled with odds and ends just in case something like this happened. It is always important to plan and prepare properly for such accidents ahead of time.
​Check out what we have in our kit and help us come up with some ideas as to how we can fix the hole in our sled! Don’t forget, we have lots of other items with us that may be useful, so don’t be afraid to get creative.


duct tape ​      a metal bar​        wax
metal wire      ​grommets​          heat (woodstove)
zip ties​           rope​                   Ziploc bags​
scissors​         Advil
a knife ​           band aids

Remember to share your results with us, in the comments below!