Temperature H: -10°C   L: -20°C       Weather – Clear, real cold, snow      Distance – 12km    

Animals – Grey Jays

Where are we?


Warm sleep last night       In Chevery we are too       The north wind blows.


There are a lot of beautiful places in the world. There are also a lot of really, really, really, beautiful places in the world. The Lower North Shore easily falls into the second category. Our heads have been spinning trying to absorb the views and stunning landscape that surrounds us every day on the trail. When we get to the top of a hill after slowly clawing our way up, one step at a time, our efforts are beyond rewarded with 360 degrees of pure panorama glory! When the sun is shining, the blue of the sky and the stark white of the snow is dazzling. When it snows, the world is a swirling mix of greys, whites and purples. It is always gorgeous, everywhere we travel on the Route Blanche and time just flies by. Sometimes we feel like we are in a slow motion art exhibit because the landscape is truly a masterpiece. It is amazing to think this little corner of Canada tucked away on the Eastern seaboard has been this beautiful all along and we have only just gotten here now.