Temperature H: -3°C   L: -18°C       Weather – WINDY! gusts up to 90km/hr, sunny. Blowing snow and whiteouts.       Distance – 13km    

Animals – 1 Whiskey Jack

Where are we?


Today was a day….      tomorrow is a day too,        surprises will come.


Osa’s Observations:

It’s been getting really cold outside lately but Adrien and Dave have been extra nice to me. Last night for example, Dave fell asleep early so Adrien put his warm down jacket on me so I could stay warm through the night. The thing with that coat is that I roll around a lot in my sleep and sometimes my legs get stuck inside the coat and I can’t move at all. Whenever this happens I like to make a lot of noise so that one of them wake up and free me. I usually stay pretty warm through the nights because of my beautiful fur coat. Sometimes though I do get cold but no worries, Adrien and Dave love me a lot and they like to snuggle. Often times one of them will unzip their sleeping bags enough for me to crawl inside. That’s my favourite and theirs too I am sure!
Love “I stink so bad” Osa