Temperature H: -8°C   L: -15°C       Weather – Clear, real windy, cold        Distance – 14km    

Animals – 1 Otter slide

Where are we?


In Alymer Sound       These are the last people here        Howard and Patsy


Dave and Adrien’s Dilemmas

Meal Planning:

​During our trip we need to eat a lot of food. We will be carrying seven days of food with us at a time between post offices, where we can pick up new food we have mailed to ourselves. Sometimes this repetitive food we eat can become boring after many days on the trail. We plan on rotating our dinners through a 5 meal cycle, this way we won’t have to repeat a dinner until every 5th night.
​At the end of each section of trip we usually have a little bit of food left over. We could use your help to figure out what we could make with our leftovers. Check out the list below and let us know what kind of meal we could make out of some, or all of the ingredients. We have plenty of water, so keep in mind that water can be used to cook any of these ingredients. Our one requirement is that your recipes have to taste good, nothing gross please. We can’t wait to see what you come up with…or to eat it!

Dehydrated mixed vegetables
Soup mix

Send your recipes to us:
as a comment on our blog post