Temperature H: 6°C   L: -14°C       Weather – Pouring rain until noon, winds gusting to 60 km/hr, snow flurries this evening.  Distance – 0km    

Animals – 1 Red Squirrel

Where are we?


We want to move NOW!        Mother nature has her way,        but safety comes first.



At first light we knew history was repeating itself. Sheets of rain, gusting wind and just as in St.Augustine we were grounded. We hoped things would clear up by noon and we could crank out a few kilometers…at 12:30 it was raining harder than ever and we resigned ourselves to sit next to our fully loaded sleds and read up on photography tips, other adventures happening in the world and mull over our game plan.

This evening, after dinner we learned a very cool fact about teeth! Did you know that if a tooth that receives a root canal breaks off at the gum line while trying to untie a stubborn knot there is no risk of infection? Several emergency dental clinics assured us of this and we are dumbstruck at this positive outcome of a crummy situation. It helps explain why the other tooth that Dave broke half off of 6 days ago on a frozen snickers bar hasn’t gotten infected yet either. Crazy, right?! It has been like one of those dreams when all your teeth are falling out of your mouth…except Dave can’t wake up from it. We assure you he is in zero pain and we are well armed with first aid supplies if any infection crops up between here and our next town in three days. Just another crazy day on trip, without even going anywhere. The travelling dentist that services the Lower North Shore is hard to track down and we will hope our luck continues and that our paths will cross soon.

A bonus to being storm stayed? We get to partake in Tete a la Baliene’s winter carnival event tonight! It will be great fun to met the rest of the 100 or so residents of the village and get Dave a much-deserved drink. Now, go brush your teeth, all of you!