Temperature H: 5°C   L: -3°C       Weather – Snow to start, changing to heavy rain 20-35mm   Distance – 0km    

Animals – 1 sleeping Osadog

Where are we?


Nous parlons français!        Osa dormi tout la jour,        a demain…marchons!


Today was a wonderfully fun day! We had a full night`s rest and woke feeling refreshed; ready to meet the students in Tête-à-la-Baleine (Whale Head). There are about 15 students here of all ages and we shared two presentations today, one for the younger students and a second for the secondary students. Not only were they exceptionally patient with our french, they were curious about Nova Scotia, what we do for work and all the things we had seen on our expedition. It was really fun to share our camping gear with them and even more fun to hurdle the language barrier while explaining how we get our drinking water, what we eat, how we sleep and of course, why we like to adventure in the first place.

Tête-à-la-Baleine is one of two francophone communities we will visit along the Route Blanche. It has been easy to forget we are travelling through Québec as all of the villages we have seen so far have been mainly anglophone. We haven`t spoken any French in over a week, so we were a bit rusty, but under the kind guidance of the teachers and students we got back into the swing of things. The Lower North Shore is certainly an interesting mix of ancestry, language, history and culture. We feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to practice our French, acquire interesting “coaster“ vocabulary and above all immerse ourselves in the welcoming and warm hospitality to be found here. Osa would like us to tell you that she has enjoyed her rest day to the fullest by having not moved off the Thermarests more than twice today. It`s a dog`s life!