Temperature H: -4°C   L: -22°C       Weather – Calm, Cloudy & Snow.    Distance – 16km    

Animals – Otter slide, Fox tracks, Boreal Chickadee

Where are we?


Every thing is sore       A rest day for tomorrow       Rain is on the way.

One of the Lower North Shore’s folk heroes was a man born in 1830 as Joseph Hebert in lower Canada. Over time, proving his strength and determination in the region eventually became known simply as Jos. He was an iconic character who epitomized the qualities of the people on Québec’s Lower North shore. These prized traits included independence and innovation, stubbornness and strength, all characteristics the people of the Cote du Nord have come to rely upon.

When the federal government created a regular postal service on the Lower North shore in 1879, Jos accepted an opportunity of employment. Such a job came with much responsibility, as being in charge of the mail often left him as a crucial link between the communities on the coast and the rest of the world. It was his duty to travel the 750 kilometer distance between Blanc-Sablon to Havre Saint Pierre and back, twice a year in the winter and once in the summer by boat. With the use of a dog team and a komatik (traditional snow sled), Jos was able to carry significant weight and travel long distances every day. Jos was said to often sleep outside on his sled with his dogs while on the trail. Often too, he would have encountered stormy and severe weather. He remained in his role with bravery and resilience for 39 years earning himself legendary status among the people of the coast.