Temperature H: -1°C   L: -5°C       Weather – Wet, wet snow 30+cm     Distance – 11km    

Animals – 6 Grey Jays, 12 Crows & 12 free Dogs

Where are we?


Should we have stayed?       It’s officially a trip.         Everything is wet.


Osa’s Observations

Boy o boy, things sure have been strange around here lately. I mean, Dave and Adrien have been packing and unpacking and repacking all of their camping equipment for weeks now. I watched them preparing lots of delicious looking food and bag after bag of food for me. I know this because I watched them put bacon fat in with my food!  In the last couple of days we went for a really long truck ride that included a boat ride, where we ended up in a place where everybody spoke a different language I couldn’t really understand. Then we went for a plane ride which wasn’t very much fun because it was really loud and bumpy. We have been to a lot of new places and seen a lot of new things in the last couple of days. But things are returning to normal now, they like to take me on long walks in the snow and we are sleeping in our tent again. This is my favourite thing in the world!
Love Osa