Temperature H: -9°C   L: -21°C       Weather – Sunny, Clear, No Clouds     Distance – 12.5km    

Animals – Nothing!

Where are we?


I love my mukluks,        they are wintertime slippers.        No cold toes for us!


Dave and Adrien’s Dilemmas

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

​We are constantly surrounded by water! It is everywhere, all the time and sometimes in more places than we would like. We snowshoe on it, we pull our sleds over it, and we build our sleeping platform with it. Sometimes we even throw it at each other! There is one small problem…all this water is frozen!

We get all of our water by melting snow and ice on our woodstove. As we snowshoe, travel and work around camp we require a lot of drinking water to stay hydrated. We also need water to brush our teeth, wash up and cook all of our meals; including coffee and our much-loved soups that keep us warm at lunchtime. Did you know that water also helps keep us warm? If we are not properly hydrated, it is very easy to get a chill that is difficult to get rid of. Liquid water is very important for all humans to survive, not just us in this frozen environment.

Adrien and I each drink 2 litres of water throughout the day and Osa drinks about one. We use another litre for our lunchtime soup and 3 more litres to cook our breakfast and dinner. How many litres of water to we need to survive every day? How much water do you use in a day?

Once you have determined how many litres of water we need per day, help us figure out how much snow we need to melt to make all of this water. It sure is a big job, but it’s certainly worth it!