Temperature H: 8°C   L: -4°C       Weather – Windy, gusting to 60km/hr, Heavy Rain      Distance – 0km    

Animals – Lots of dogs!

Where are we?


When life gives you fruit,       make a great fruit salad…       It will turn out fine!

We awoke in the dark to a foreign sound…one of dripping water. As we slowly became conscious and remembered where we were, the dripping noise grew into the sound of horizontal rain pelting the windows. Expected, but disheartening nonetheless. We ventured out into the hallway, greeting the others who had camped out in various rooms due to power outages. School was canceled. Cancelled?! We had been so looking forward to meeting the students and sharing A is for Adventure and explaining our expedition. However, safety is always number one and the fresh rain sitting on top of the ice and snow made for terrible travelling conditions for families. Such is life with mother nature.

The morning slowly passed with emails, writing and an interview with the local CJAS radio station. Suddenly we were told that all students would be returning for the afternoon, specifically for our presentation! The rain had drained away enough to be safe and everyone was very excited.

We had so much fun sharing photos of Nova Scotia, explaining how and why we had come to their corner of the world and answered a lot of excellent questions (Will you hunt? How do you sleep on the snow and not freeze? What will you eat? Etc.) And THEN we got to hang out, chat and play badminton!! Ya!

If the rest of the Lower North Shore, is anything at all like St. Augustine, we know that we have a month of wonderful, generous and friendly people to meet. Thank you to the entire school staff who have made us feel at home and appreciated! Tomorrow we will take our first steps onto the Route Blanche and begin our slow trek westward. Until then!