Temperature H: -15°C   L: -33°C     Weather – Blowing snow, Strong gusting wind, Sunny     Distance – 812km     Animals – 1 Red Fox

Where are we?


 We have found Matane!             It was hidden in the snow.            Will the ferry run?

Greetings all! We have made it to our first “campsite” a roadside motel near the ferry terminal in Matane, Quebec. Many other guests here at The Portage have shown up on their snowmobiles with incredibly red, wind-bitten faces. No wonder as it is currently twice as cold than it has been all winter and even Osa seems incredulous at the thought of going outside to pee. Our only concern is that the ferry we are to take tomorrow morning at 8am across the St. Lawrence was grounded today due to the low temperatures. No one knows if it will run tomorrow. We can only hope, as our alternative is to drive 14 hours via Quebec City. So is the nature of adventure, we may not be in our tent yet, but we have already launched ourselves into the unknown and it feels good to be back.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Adrien, Dave and Osa