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 To infinity.             And beyond, move forward young one.            Tomorrow we go.

Well, here we are for one last night.  The sleds are loaded, the truck is gased up, loaded and ready to go.  The last few weeks and days in particular have been filled with many emotions.  Excitement, nervousness, anxiety, elation, have all been keeping this roller coaster ride of expedition planning and prep just that, a roller coaster.  But here we are at last ready to go.

We would never have been able to make this dream a reality if it wasn’t for all of the wonderful support and encouragement we have received, so let us to take this opportunity to say thanks.  Thank you to all of the students, teachers and administration who have welcomed us into their schools.  Thank you to the fellas at #AforAdventure for having our backs from the beginning. Thank you to Steve Gaetz for being our on the ground/at home support and his wonderful wife for making our Poolagi bars.  Thank you to Wes Booth from #WeareNS for running our Twitter feed while we are away.  A big thanks to my oldest buddy Matt Fradchum for watching over the old homestead while we are away.  Thanks to Steve Ferguson for using your skills and capturing some beautiful images for us.  Thanks to everybody on the Lower North Shore for helping with logistics and inviting us into their communities, we are pumped!  Thank you to our amazingly understanding(mostly) and generous parents, Tod & Betsy Rawley and Paul & Robbyn Greene.  Thank you to John Colton for taking this project on and to Dan Rinard for helping us out.  Thank you to the Royal Canadian Geographic Society for believing in us.  And of course to all of you reading this.  Your kind words and support gives us strength.

I would like to sign off with a quote from an inspiration of ours, Elliott Merrick author of True North (one of my favourite books).
“To ascend this road of beauty…costs us in back breaking toil.  The question is, Have you the grit enough to love it or must you hate it?”

Dave, Adrien and Osa the dog