Temperature H:  -5°C L:  -14°C   Weather – Cold, Brisk, Windy & Sunny   Distance – 5.8km     Animals – 2 Eagles & Fox tracks


Only one more day        To pack, unpack and repack.            Simplicitly comes!


​Weight Gainers?

​If we were to tell you that we have made enough trail mix to feed one human 2,000 calories a day for 29 days would you believe us? The most amazing part is, each daily portioned bag of trail mix weighs less than half a pound! It seems impossible that there could be so much energy in such a small amount of food, but the numbers don’t lie. Every gram of trail mix contains over 5 ½ calories, making it a perfect, high-octane choice to keep us warm and happy as we live outside in the winter for a month. And then there’s the bacon….oh yes, the bacon!

It is so much fun to essentially throw every rule anyone has ever mentioned regarding healthy eating habits and portion sizes out the window. Winter tripping is a sure-fired way to ignite a stagnant metabolism and lack-luster appetite. Within four days most pre-trip eating habits and residual food energy has faded away and all that remains is a ravenous eating machine. And after 28 days? There won’t be a single thing that we can’t/won’t/shouldn’t eat and all gas stations, restauraunts and coffee shops better be well stocked for our trip back to Nova Scotia!