Temperature H:  3°C L:  -14°C  Weather – Cold, Warm, Snow   Distance – 0km     Animals – 1 osadog


Our heads are spinning.             The to do list never ends.            The shopping is done.

​First of all, for those who did not notice, we have a new and very exciting partner on board with our expedition. We are delighted and honoured to accept a partnership with The Royal Canadian Geographic Society! It is amazing to think that an organization such as the RCGS believes in and supports our endeavors. This not only brings us clarity as to why we have done all this work to make the expedition happen but confidence in our beliefs, dreams and goals. Thank you RCGS!

The Simple Life.

​It has been said by folks such as Blair Doyle that if you can get yourself, your gear and your entire team to the start of your expedition, you’ve done 90% of the work. It is so unbelievably true! The last two months have been filled with phone calls, emails, brainstorming, gear building, frustration, elation and of course excitement. Life certainly has its own challenges while on trip, but it is extremely straightforward. Once the trip begins, all the to do lists and never ending tasks are over. Life becomes intensely simple. One foot step, one breath at a time the days will pass. Progress will be measured by our appetites and success measured by our health. At this point we are truly longing for the simple existence of expedition; eat, sleep, laugh and move forward.

Many conversations with friends and family seem to revolve around the difficulties we will face, the never-ending hardships and most predominately, THE COLD! We see it as a working vacation. Perhaps a very hard working vacation, yet in the purest sense, we will still find rejuvenation by getting away from it all. We will feel refreshed from long hours of deep sleep, find new strength in our muscles and eat delicious food (and a lot of it!). Of course we won’t always want to bounce right out of our sleeping bags, but the promise of a new day and the unknown around the next bend in the trail is more than enough to make us greet the morning with open arms. Only a few days to go and we can begin what we live for; rediscovering ourselves in the setting we are meant to be a part of, the natural world.