Temperature H-3 L-14     Distance – 12.4km     Animals – 1 osadog


One of our favourite days of the year is waking up to the light that happens on the first snowy morning. The window lets in shades of white and grey found only with a beautiful, swirling blizzard. It’s a chance to wake up in another country, another world. The same old garden, swing set and pine tree that was outside of the house when we went to bed, is now, blanketed in something from a distant memory, a whole world begging to be explored! Seed pods from flowers planted at the edge of the garden have been visited by hungry mice and birds, their paths and actions written on the snow like a story. We can jump off the monkey bars and land on our rumps on the soft snow, something that we would never do in the summer. The pine tree, with its branches weighted down with snow, boughs buried to the ground makes a perfect fort for playing in. This makeover of the familiar, the chance to snowshoe instead of walk, ski instead of run is what life is all about. A chance to find something truly extraordinary in our everyday surroundings.